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Our Story


“We were running a festival in Ibiza for emerging talent and recording all the sets for the artists on stage. As the artists performed, we watched everyone in the audience on their phones filming and then posting the most dreadful-sounding videos on social media.

We thought - there has got to be a solution for this! - and imagined combining the audio we were capturing from the mixing desk with the videos being made, and that’s how the idea was born. TagMix was created and we set to work.”

- Andy Dean, CEO and Founder, TagMix


About TagMix


We share pro audio content with your fans automatically so everyone can experience the magic of live events, no matter where they are in the world.


If you make, perform, promote, record or sponsor live music, our unique proprietary software will match video clips and pro audio in seconds.


Find out more about how TagMix content can work for artists, venues and labels looking to connect with fans, market upcoming events and releases, enhance social feeds and much, much more.


The TagMix Team


CEO - Andy Dean
Sony BMG, Music Technology Ltd, Songwriter, Producer, Music Promoter, DJ

COO - Simon Jones
Syco (Sony/Simon Cowell JV), Fremantle, Idol, ITV, Talpa, Group Ms Motion Content

Content ID - David King
YouTube (created YT content ID platform), eBay, RealNetworks, Credit Suisse

Network Director - Andy Zmolek
Google (Android Partnerships), LG (Enterprise Solutions), Divide (Google)

CTO - Danny Shisler
Music Technology Ltd, tech start-up entrepreneur

Co-Founder - Andy Woodford
Virgin Records, Pepsi Chart Show, Music Technology Ltd, Freedom Media, 19 Entertainment, Universal Music UK

Marketing Director - Debbie Cohen

Director, Venues & Labels - Liz Muirhead

Director, Festivals - Steve Jenner

Director, Brand & Partnerships - Neil Gannon

Content Manager - Matt Robson

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