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Case Study

Festival Supplier Awards 2024
Instagram Takeover

Case Study

Festival Supplier Awards 2024
Instagram Takeover

And the winner is...

TagMix successfully posted real-time Instagram stories of 24 award winners, transforming the professionalism of the social media output for the organisers and all of the winners at the Festival Supplier Awards in The Hurlingham Club, January 25th, 2024.

It was a night filled with celebration and recognition of excellence and innovation delivered by suppliers across the UK’s leading festivals and outdoor events. We captured and relayed the spectacular award ceremony with the perfect blend of pro-audio, graphics, and tags, sharing the essence of the prestigious event.
From the first to the last award being presented, our team worked diligently to share the collection of stories in just 40 minutes, virtually in real-time with the final award going live two minutes after the final presentation.
The award winners appreciated their moment of glory being published on Instagram and were delighted to re-share this to their followers, strengthening the relationship between them and the organisers.


We collaborated closely with the event organiser, Eventive Media Limited, ensuring that the graphics used to frame the videos aligned with their established branding.


The TagMix team consisted of two Videographers, a Technician and a Project Co-ordinator.


It was great having TagMix with us. It freed us up to focus on the awards and our clients, while they managed the whole process.

They were a joy to deal with and the quality of our posts was even better than expected. Our award winners loved it.

– Michelle Tayton, Festival Supplier Awards’ Event Director

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