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Partner with Tagmix

Partner with Tagmix

Stop waiting around


Using TagMix means you give social media feeds what they want - good quality pro audio video content in real-time. No post-production required to match pro audio with the videos and edit. Capture videos and share to socials in the moment.


Give fans what they want


Exponentially increase engagement with your fans compared with traditional videography methods to share new music, new events, new merchandise, new stuff. When your fans are first to see your performances from anywhere in the world, we believe they will thank you for it.


Your videos, your rules


You tell us exactly what you need, and we will deliver. We can send videographers or you can make content yourselves. You can post them to your socials or we can create collab posts. Posts can be shared in real time or archived for later use or both. Posts can include graphics - or not. You make the rules.


No more takedowns


We reached agreements with the majors to licence their catalogue so that you can use TagMix videos across your social media channels, ensuring your time and energy is safely spent on making content with our technology that you know your fans will see.


TagMix for Artists


Your fans who saw you perform live know what it was like to be there and now you can communicate with your whole audience worldwide as you are performing live. 

It is the moment when your community is most engaged and you can make sure that they are listening and enjoying the experience no matter where they are in the world.

Miss that moment and it is gone forever. Harness that listening power and you share new music, new merchandise and new tickets that your fans want to know about.


 Find out more about how TagMix works for artists 


TagMix for Venues


Capture and share pro audio videos of the performances in your venue during the event for the artists making it the place to be.

Automatic video sharing in the moment aligns with social media algorithms that reward you in return. Stop waiting around to post, engage more fans and share more events with them.

We deliver what you ask for and sometimes with hours to spare, always bringing our experience with us to share in case it helps.


 Find out more about how TagMix works for venues 


TagMix for Labels


New music playing in the clubs and festivals, the atmosphere is charged and the audience is going wild. Share that moment with your community worldwide. Now you’re not just informing of new releases, you’re showing people how it feels.

Start writing a new narrative for your music that deepens relationships with your artists’ fans and makes sure they know about new music and new merchandise first with links embedded in videos shared live.


 Find out more about how TagMix works for labels 


TagMix for Festivals


You have been working tirelessly for a year to produce the very best festival and now your efforts will be seen and heard by audiences globally in the moment who couldn’t get a ticket too.

Instead of waiting for post-production, you instantly communicate with audiences the world over using pro audio video content throughout the year.

With an archive of pro audio videos, you effortlessly capture the narrative of the event to grow your community and share with the partners you want to work with most on the next edition.




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